The 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time – July 21, 2019

Families and the Gospel                                  Luke 10: 38-42
In today’s gospel Mary planned to visit with Jesus after her work was done. If Jesus were to visit your home today, what would he say distracts you from giving more attention to family and friends?

Pastor:  Reverend Jozef  Kovacik

Phone: (814) 684-1480 (Parish Office & Rectory)
Fax: (814) 684-7969



URGENT LEGISLATIVE ALERT FROM THE PA Pro-Life Federation House Bill 111, the so-called merit selection of judges bill, would take away the public right to vote for judges. Instead, a pro-abortion Governor could make the appointments. The bill could be voted on by the PA House of Representatives at any time.
ACTION ITEM: Please call and email your state representative with this urgent message: “Please oppose House Bill 111, I do not want my right to vote for judges to be taken away.”
If you do not know who your state representative is, or you need contact information, visit:

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Note from Sister Karen

Due to continued health issues, I have been doing a good bit of doctoring in recent years, only to discover that I am in need of an aortic valve replacement—open heart surgery.   The surgery will take place in mid-August providing me time to go on my annual retreat in early July; get a variety of personal/ministerial things in order and go through pre-surgery testing through late July; and participate in my annual community meetings in early August.  Provided all goes well, I hope to resume part-time ministry here at St. Matthew’s at the start of December.  Thus I will be “out of office” from July 1 through November 30.  I thank Fr. Jozef and everyone in this wonderful parish community for your personal and prayerful understanding and support.  Know that you have mine. 

  A Prayer for Vocations

God our Father, You made each of us to use our gifts in the Body of Christ.We ask that You inspire young people whom You call to the priesthood and consecrated life to courageously follow Your will.

Send workers into Your great harvest so that the Gospel is preached, the poor are served with love, the suffering are comforted, and Your people are strengthened by the sacraments. We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen

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Mass Schedule & Intentions:

Sat.      5:00 PM –  Adolph & Marie Engelman – Estate

Sun.     8:00 AM –  For the People of the Parish  Pastor

          10:30 AM – Kay Delozier – Marcia Cowher Fam

Mon    8:00 AM-   Michael Dionis – Rose & Bill

Tues   8:00 AM–   Larry Albright – Sue Friday

Wed.   8:00 AM –  Frank Smiach – Zakrzwski Family

Thurs. 8:00 AM –  Nicholas Zane – Cindy & Jack

Fri.      8:00 AM-   William & Hulda Engelman – Estate

Sat      5:00 PM –  Ron & Mary Gingerich – Barbara Fraundorfe

Sun     8:00 AM – For the People of the Parish – Pastor

         10:30AM –  Katherine DelBaggio, Delores Patton,

                             Carolyn Haag, & Mary Welsh – CDA

If you would like to have a MASS celebrated for the deceased members of your family, or friends, or for special intentions, please stop by or call the parish office.

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Stewardship Reflection July 21, 2019 – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Martha was too busy to recognize the important of Jesus’ presence.  Mary was a good steward of her time, choosing to pause and listen to Him.  Without spiritual nourishment our lives become unbalanced.  May we learn from Mary the gift of listening and then share with a Martha the message of how to grow in faith and the love of Jesus. 

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Office Staff & Ministries Contact Information


Parish Office Staff:
Administrative Assistant: Rose Long
Financial Administrator: Debbie Zakrzwski

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Pastoral Ministry:
Sister Karen Duddy, C.C.W.
Cell: (814) 935-2934 E-mail:
Sister Jane Miller, C.C.W.
Cell: (814) 931-1120 E-mail:


Director of Religious Education: Gia Patton
Call (814) 682-9108 or email

Coordinator: Elementary & Middle School: Mark Raffetto
Phone: (814) 934-2936 email:

Elementary Classes: (Grades K-6): Sunday mornings 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM (weekly during the school year)

Middle/High School: (Gr. 7-11): Sunday: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (twice a month during the school year)


RCIA: Susan Burkholder (814) 684-0352

Ministry to the Homebound: Paula Lambert (814) 932-0651

Pastoral Council – Sarah McNelis (814) 684-5598
Finance Council – Dennis Rozick (814) 684-5511
School Council – Paul Fleissner (724) 630-1538
Cemetery Committee – Michael Feller (814) 932-1788

Saint Matthew Catholic School   “Serving our community since 1869”
Principal: Mrs. Debbie St. Pierre
Principal’s email:
School Phone: (814) 684-3510
School web-site:

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“There is need of only one thing.”          Luke 10: 42

“… I am a minister in accordance with God’s stewardship given to me to bring to completion for you the word of God.”  Colossians 1: 25

We are all called to evangelize – to continuously grow in our relationship with Jesus and to share it with others. We may not be called to evangelize like Saint Paul, but we should look for opportunities to share our faith with those closest to us, like our family, friends and neighbors. Pray for the courage to share your faith the next time the opportunity arises.

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Activities for the Week of July 22, 2019

Tues.          7:00 PM – Maintenance Committee (PO)

Wed.          3:30 PM – Rosary

                    5:30 PM – CDA Officers meeting (H)

Thurs.       6:30 PM –  Bingo

Fri.          6:30 PM – CDA movie night (H)

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  • OUTDOOR SUMMER MASSES to be held at the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of the Alleghenies in Loretto. Masses will continue through Labor Day Weekend, September 1st . Please bring a lawn chair. In the event of inclement weather, the Mass will be celebrated in the Basilica of Saint Michael the Archangel.
  • Religious Education – There is a need for Elementary School Catechists. Please Contact Gia Patton at 814-312-8380 or for more information.

  • Bishop to Celebrate Outdoor Mass for Newly Graduated The annual outdoor Mass for students entering or returning to college will be celebrated on August 4 at 7pm at the Our Lady of the Alleghenies Shrine in Loretto. Bishop Mark L. Bartchak will be the celebrant and homilist. All college students, as well as 2019 high school graduates who are entering the military or workforce, are invited with their family. The Bishop will offer a special blessing to the students, words of wisdom, and a small gift. Bring your own lawn chair. If it rains, the Liturgy will be celebrated inside the Basilica of Saint Michael next to the Shrine.

  • Padre Pio Family Fest at Saint John the Baptist New Baltimore – All are invited to New Baltimore on Sunday, September 8th for an exciting program of prayer, music, games, and food. There will be an outdoor Mass at Noon. During the afternoon there will be music and games. At 5 pm there will be a healing prayer service in honor of Padre Pio. Relics of Padre Pio, including a glove he wore and blood from his stigmata will be available for veneration. The Fest is sponsored by the Capuchin Franciscan Friars.

    URGENT LEGISLATIVE ALERT FROM THE PA Pro-Life Federation House Bill 111, the so-called merit selection of judges bill, would take away the public right to vote for judges. Instead, a pro-abortion Governor could make the appointments. The bill could be voted on by the PA House of Representatives at any time.
    ACTION ITEM: Please call and email your state representative with this urgent message: “Please oppose House Bill 111, I do not want my right to vote for judges to be taken away.”
    If you do not know who your state representative is, or you need contact information, visit:

    The Catholic Daughters is beginning a new program called “Saint Matthew’s Family Activities” that will include a movie night, fall party, Christmas party, and a games day. Families are encouraged to attend. The first MOVIE NIGHT will by Friday July 26th from 6:30 to 9pm. The movie, Incredibles 2, will be shown. Popcorn, small bags of candy, and beverages will be provided. Sign-ups are encouraged and forms are available in the Gathering Space. Deadline is July 24th.
  • FOOD, FUN AND INSPIRATION FOR BODY AND SOUL Please respond to the present and near future Gathering Space materials related to the following great events sponsored by the Parish Life Committee.
    Sunday, August 11 – Parish Mass /Picnic at Reservoir Park
    Friday, October 4 – Bus Trip: “Jesus”
    Friday, December 6 – Bus Trip: “Christmas Miracle”
    NOTE: Bus trips are to sight and Sound Theatre in Ronks, PA. Cost is $110 plus $16 for buffet meal at Golden Corral. It may not seem like it, but these are reasonable prices for these events.
  • Home Nursing Agency is seeking volunteers for their program, Healing Patch (to aid children who have lost a parent or sibling). New volunteers receive comprehensive training and have assistance in obtaining necessary clearances. For more information, contact Melody Ray, at 814-947-7200 or
    Each Sunday we gather as a parish community to praise and thank our great God, to experience His Loving mercy and place our needs before Him. We are guided by His Word and nourished by His own Body and Blood.
    Parishioners of all ages are reminded that, although the church has no set dress code, appropriate dress for Mass includes clean, conservative and modest clothing, expressing our heart’s devotion to God and our desire to strengthen (vs distract from) the faith of those around us.

    Summer Mass Attendance: There is a website where you can find a catholic church as you are traveling. Please use it so you don’t miss Sunday celebration of the Eucharist.

  • St. Therese Conference of the St. Vincent DePaul Society Annual Flea Market and Bake Sale on Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th from 8 am to 1 pm at Farther Kelly Hall on the corner of 25th and 5th Street in Altoona, PA proceeds will be used to help the mission of Saint Vincent De Paul Society in our area.

  • CANCER AFFECTS EVERYONE – Our Community holds “Blair Relay for Life” each June at Mansion park for a 24 hour period to support all current or past CANCER FIGHERS/SURVICORS. Teams are made up of businesses, families, organizations, and at this point ONLY one Catholic Parish. We are trying to change the one Catholic parish team into an Altoona Deanery team with as many parishes being represented as possible. Our Lady of Lourdes Church (the only parish) has had a team participate for the last 10 years with captains being survivors, finding out they have cancer and losing the battle.
    The past year with “Blair Relay for Life,” the young adults took the lead of becoming captains. We invite your parish to join us, and become a part of our team. Each parish will be asked to have one young adult/older teenager and one older adult to lead the people from your parish. We will be holding three meetings (August, January, May) in the basement of Our Lady of Lourdes to discuss the details of the Relay. The meetings will be no longer than one hour in length.
    This is a great opportunity for different parishes to come together, especially our youth/young adults. Relay for Life is a wonderful time for fellowship with parishioners of all ages, especially cancer survivors. Activities are planned throughout the entire 24 hour period for teams to get involved and have fun.
    We are eagerly awaiting your response to be a participant to our new team. Please reach out to Allison Gressler at or 814-327-2580 or Kayley Burke at 814-502-5545 with any questions on Relay. 

  • Saint Francis University’s Adult Degree & Continuing Studies program caters to adult learners.  Our programs are accredited and fully online.  We offer affordable tuition.  Check out our programs in Business, Early Childhood Education, Behavioral Science, Health Studies, and more!  If you’re interested in learning more you can call us at 814-472-3012, email, or at www.francis/edu/adcs.  Become that Someone today!
  • CATHOLIC REGISTER:  In the Gathering Space are copies of the Catholic Register.  The Register will no longer be mailed to individual parishioners but copies will be sent to each parish for distribution monthly. 

       The Diocese has also launched an online newspaper –PROCLAIM!: The Good News of Altoona-Johnstown featuring diocesan news, information, and commentary – including happenings at parishes and schools.  Visit the site at and sign up for regular e-mail updates delivered to your inbox. 

  • Families United for Change  We are a group of Family Members affected by Addiction starting a grass roots effort to bring about change in recovery.  Meetings are every second Tuesday of the Month  at 7 pm.   Location is Hope Community Church, 1520 11th Street, Lower Level, Altoona PA   For questions please call 814-934-8067

  • Try Catholic Radio – WJVM 90.3 FM the Voice of Divine Mercy
  • PROJECT RACHEL:  Would you like to find peace in your heart with your aborted child, with God, with the Church?  Don’t be afraid, the door is open.  For women, men, anyone wounded by abortion.  Contact Project Rachel 814-884-8000.  All calls are confidential.
  • AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of eligible purchase to our parish.   Please go to the following link: and you can start helping our church in this very easy way.
  • Please remember our local Tyrone Food Bank during these long winter months.  Canned soups, peanut butter, cereal, jelly, and personal care items are always needed.

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Liturgical Ministries and Other Parish Ministries –Weekly Schedules

July 22nd    thru   July 28th        –  Lectors

Weekdays – 8:00 AM – A. Searer

Sat.-   5:00 PM –  B. Strayer, D. Strayer, L. Morrison

Sun.   8:00 AM B. Markel, B. Hiergeist, A. Markel

          10:30 AM –  M. Raffetto, S. Gavazzi, M. Morse


July 27/28 ––  Altar Servers

Sat.   5:00 PM – B. Zeigler, C. Zeigler

Sun.  8:00 AM – S. Zakrzwski, E. Narehood

       10:30 AM –  K. Lehner, S. Cowher


July 22nd – July 218th  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Weekdays – 8:00 AM – S. McNelis

Sat.    5:00 PM –  S. Burkholder+, R. Bunch, J. Zeigler

Sun. – 8:00 AM –  S. Toney+, J. DiDomenico, B/S Hall

         10:30 AM –  T. Patton+, G. Patton, S. Thomas


July 27/28 –  Music Ministers

Sat.    5:00 PM –Tammy/TBD

Sun.  8:00 AM – Tammy/Leslie

         10:30 AM – Tammy/Maureen


July $ Counters- B. Lambert+, P. Lambert, J. Everhart


Church Cleaners – July 14th thru July 27th , 2019      S. Friday, M. Stager, H. Dillon, D. Cunningham, K. Wilson

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Organ Restoration Project Update

Mr. Greg Stager continues working on the tedious electrical and carpentry work. The overall project completion will not be completed until the end of August.  Until then, Mr. Stager has donated a digital keyboard for use in the choir loft.  Our instrumentalists can use it to provide us with the sound of an organ for upcoming services. 


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