12th Sunday in Ordinary Time June 25, 2017

What I say to you in the darkness,

speak in the light; what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops.

And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.

Matthew 10: 27-28


If you haven’t used your envelope for (Peter’s Pence Collection) consider contributing next weekend toward this most worth cause.


Pastor:  Reverend Jozef Kovacik

Phone: (814) 684-1480 (Parish Office & Rectory)

Fax:      (814) 684-7969

Website:    www.stmatthewtyrone.org

Email:        stmatthewtyrone@gmail.com


Parish Office Staff:  Rose Long & Debbie Zakrzwski

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

                          8:30 AM  –  2:30 PM


Pastoral Ministry:

Sister Karen Duddy, C.C.W.

Cell:  (814) 935-2934   Convent: (814) 684-3553

E-mail:   kseashored@msn.com

Sister Jane Miller 814-931-1120, jmseashell@msn.com

CCW Website:  www.ccwsisters.org


Ministry to the Homebound: Paula Lambert (814) 919-2042


Coordinators of Religious Education:

Elem/Middle (Gr. K-8): Mark Raffetto (814) 934-2936

or email at psufanmark@gmail.com


Sr. High (Gr. 9-11): Chris Gurekovich (814) 935-6198

or email at  cgureko@hotmail.com


Elementary Classes: (Grades K-6): Sunday mornings: 

9:00 to 10:15 AM (weekly during the school year)

Middle/High School: (Gr. 7-11):  Sundays: 6 to 8 PM (twice a month during the school year)


RCIA:  Susan Burkholder  (814) 684-0352

Pastoral Council – Jack Chambers  (814) 632-3339

Finance Council – Dennis Rozick  (814) 684-5511

School Council – Lawrence McKernan  (814) 632-7767

Cemetery Committee – Michael Feller  (814) 684-4401


Saint Matthew Catholic School

Principal:  Mrs. Jamie DiDomenico

Principal’s email:  smsdidomenico@gmail.com

Phone: (814) 684-3510

School web-site: www.stmatthew-school.org

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“Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father.”


Matthew 10: 32


Do you share your Catholic faith with others? Do you defend your Catholic faith or do you remain silent when the situation arises? Do you pray in public before meals? Pray for the strength and courage to be a joyful witness of our Catholic faith when the opportunity presents itself.

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Weekend Mass Schedule:

                                    – Saturday at 5:00 PM

– Sunday at 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM

Weekday Mass Schedule:

                                 – Monday through Friday – 8:00 AM

Holy Day of Obligation Mass Schedule:

– Vigil – 7:00 PM

– 9:00 AM & 7:00 PM


Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on Saturday from 4:00 PM till 4:30 PM or anytime upon request

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Mass Schedule & Intentions:

June 24 – July 2, 2017


Sat.          5:00 PM  Francis Hagg- Mike & Kathy Hoyne

Sun.         8:00 AM  Gene Cannistraci – Wife & Children

10:30 AM  For the People of the Parish – Pastor

Mon        8:00 AM  Joe Fresh – Family

Tues.       8:00 AM  Pat Stoner – The Beam Family

Wed.        8:00 AM  Mary Aliquo – Zakrzwski Family

Thurs       8:00 AM  Stella Gurekovich – JR Gurekovich

Fri.          8:00 AM Joe Fresh – Family

Sat.          5:00 PM  Frank & Rose Romano – Sue and Jerry


Sun          8:00 AM Paul Burns – Evelyn & Family

10:30 AM                 For the People of the Parish – Pastor


If you would like to have a MASS celebrated for the deceased members of your family, or friends, or for special intentions, please stop by or call the parish office.

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Activities for the Week of June 25th

Sun.         6-8:30 PM – VBS (All spaces needed 4:30-9PM)

Mon.        6-8:30 PM – VBS (All spaces needed 4:30-9PM)

Tues.       6-8:30 PM – VBS (All spaces needed 4:30-9PM)

7:00 PM – Maintenance (PO)

Wed.         3:30 PM – Rosary

7-7:30 PM – Cantors

6-8:30 PM – VBS (All spaces needed 4:30-9PM)

Thurs.       6:30 PM – Bingo  (H)

6-8:30 PM – VBS (All spaces needed 4:30-9PM)

Sun.         Faith Day at DelGrosso’s Park

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‘June 26th   –   thru  July 2nd     – Lectors

Weekdays – 8:00 AM –  V. Frantz

Sat.-    5:00 PM –  S. Loose, B. Wilgosz, B. Lambert

Sun. – 8:00 AM –  K. Pastorik, A. Searer, A. Lynn

10:30 AM –  S. Cowher, A. Brisbin,  R. Long



July  1, 2  – Altar Servers

Sat. – 5:00 PM –  R. Ronan, B. Ronan

Sun. – 8:00 AM –   S. Zakrzwski, A. Markel

10:30 AM –  K. Friday, A. Fernandes



June 26th   –  thru  July 2nd     

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Weekdays – 8:00 AM  – C. Golden

Sat. – 5:00 PM –  P. Lambert+, C. Palmonka, J. Zeigler

Sun. –8:00 AM –  S. McNelis+, J. DiDomenico, C. Gurekovich

10:30 AM –  ME Jones+, D. Castagnola, Sr. Karen



July  1, 2 –  Music Ministers

Sat–   5:00 PM –  Aye/Nathan
Sun.– 8:00 AM – Aye/Leslie

10:30 AM – Aye/Maureen



June  $  Counters – P. DelBaggio+, V. Frantz, L. Morrison



Church Cleaners – June 18th  thru July 1st   

Mike & Sue Ronan, Paulette Davis, Nicole Swope

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Liturgical Reflection:             ~~    June 25th

When celebrating Matrimony within Mass or without Mass, the Introductory Rites direct that the priest or deacon informally address both the bride and groom, warmly greeting them and telling them that the Church shares their joy on their wedding day.  This greeting is informal, personal, and welcoming.  Microphones are not on for this ritual act.  The bride and groom are acknowledged and affirmed by the Church.  They are about to celebrate a great sacrament.  Jesus Christ is the bridegroom, as this man assumes to be the groom to his bride; and the Church is the bride, as this woman assumes the role of bride to her husband.

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Stewardship   Reflection                           (June 25)

How does the Lord rescue the lives of the poor today?  Through your abundant sharing of gifts He has placed in your care.

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Fortnight for Freedom


‘The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will once again sponsor a Fortnight for Freedom June 21-July 4, 2017. The theme is “Freedom for Mission.” During the Fortnight, all faithful are asked to reflect on their religious freedom, educate themselves on how religious freedom is being threatened in America and around the world, and pray that religious freedom will be protected.

Father, I pray in Jesus’ name that You would restore a social conscience to our nation.

I pray that we would again see the value of teaching our children the virtue of being good citizens—to not only live for the good of the individual but the good of others as well.

Dear Father, I desire to see our nation restored to godly integrity and excellence, so that our children and our citizens can be proud of their nation and proud to be called citizens of it.

In recognizing our duty to God and our country, keep us mindful to pray for our nation not only in our churches and our homes, but also in the quietness of our daily lives.

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Will take place at this Saturday’s 5PM Mass, followed by a reception.  The anointing may be received by persons of any age who suffer from acute and/or chronic illnesses as well as by senior citizens whose aging process makes them susceptible to health challenges.

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