26th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 25, 2016

“He said, ‘Then I beg you, father, send him

to my father’s house, for I have five brothers,

so that he may warn them, lest they too come

to this place of torment.'”

Luke 16: 27-28


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Pastor:  Reverend Jozef Kovacik

Phone: (814) 684-1480 (Parish Office & Rectory)

Fax:      (814) 684-7969

Website:    www.stmatthewtyrone.org

Email:        stmatthewtyrone@gmail.com



Parish Office Staff:  Rose Long & Debbie Zakrzwski

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8:30 AM  –  2:30 PM


Pastoral Ministry:

Sister Karen Duddy, C.C.W.

Cell:  (814) 935-2934   Convent: (814) 684-3553

E-mail:   kseashored@msn.com

Sister Jane Miller 814-931-1120, jmseashell@msn.com

CCW Website:  www.ccwsisters.org


Ministry to the Homebound:Paula Lambert (814) 919-2042


Coordinators of Religious Education:

Elem/Middle (Gr. K-8): Mark Raffetto (814) 934-2936

or email at psufanmark@gmail.com


Sr. High (Gr. 9-12): Chris Gurekovich (814) 935-6198

or email at  cgureko@hotmail.com


Elementary Classes: (Grades K-6): Sunday mornings: 

9:00 to 10:15 AM (weekly during the school year)

Middle/High School: (Gr. 7-11):  Sundays: 6 to 8 PM (twice a month during the school year)


RCIA:  Susan Burkholder  (814) 684-0352

Pastoral Council – Jack Chambers  (814) 632-3339

Finance Council – Dennis Rozick  (814) 684-5511

School Council – Lawrence McKernan  (814) 632-7767

Cemetery Committee – Michael Feller  (814) 684-4401


Saint Matthew Catholic School

Principal:  Mrs. Jamie DiDomenico

Principal’s email:  smsdidomenico@gmail.com

Phone: (814) 684-3510

School web-site: www.stmatthew-school.org

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 “My child, remember that you received what was good during your lifetime while Lazarus likewise received what was bad; but now he is comforted here, whereas you are tormented.  Moreover, between us and you a great chasm is established…”                                     Luke 16: 25-26


When God created the world He declared that it was good and He gave it to all mankind for us to enjoy.  However, over the years we have created a chasm between those who have great gifts and those who do not.  In today’s Gospel we see that with our own generosity we must bridge that gap between those who have much and those who have little or we may find ourselves on the wrong side of the chasm in the next life.

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Liturgical Reflection.   

There are the rich and there are the poor.  The great sin is that of uncaring complacency.  Every community of faith is charged with finding ways to share its resources to those in need.  A caring heart, a heart full of mercy seeks to help the poor.  Our Diocese has very active members of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society that reaches out to each person in need at the local level.  (The Church in the annual calendar remembers Saint Vincent de Paul this Tuesday.)  Have you shared some of your wealth with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society?  The worse response would be apathy.  It is mercy that leads us to reach out to those in need.  Lord, give us a merciful heart!

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Stewardship Reflection: 

May we come to understand that the source of true happiness is revealed continuously through Holy Scripture.

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Families and the Gospel    September 25   Luke 16:19-31 

In today’s gospel the rich man died and was condemned to “a place of torment” because he ignored the poor.  He asked Lazarus to go and warn his five brothers to change their ways.  Evidently ignoring the poor was a family pattern.  Is your family sensitive to the poor?

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Weekend Mass Schedule:

                                    – Saturday at 5:00 PM

– Sunday at 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM

Weekday Mass Schedule:

                                 – Monday through Friday – 8:00 AM

Holy Day of Obligation Mass Schedule:

– Vigil – 7:00 PM

– 9:00 AM & 7:00 PM


Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on Saturday from 4:00 PM till 4:30 PM or anytime upon request.

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Mass Schedule & Intentions:   

September 24 – October 2, 2016



Sat.          5:00 PM  Sally Brenneman – Stoner Family

Sun.         8:00 AM For the People of the Parish – Pastor

10:30 AM Wilbur Replogle – Wife & Children

Mon.       8:00 AM Ann Schneider – Grandchildren

Tues.       8:00 AM NO  MASS

Wed.        8:00 AM NO  MASS

Thurs.      8:00 AM NO  MASS

Fri.          8:00 AM Dottie & Dan Irwin – Sally Thomas

Sat.          5:00 PM  Margie Welsh – Martha Hagg

Sun.         8:00 AM  For the People of the Parish – Pastor

10:30 AM  George Fisanick – Stoner Family



If you would like to have MASS celebrated for special intentions or for the deceased members of your family or friends please stop by or call the parish office.

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Activities for the Week of Sept. 26th

Tues.       7:00 PM – Adult Spirit Catholicism DVD (GS)

7:00 PM – Maintenance (PO)

700 PM –  Scouts (H)

Wed.        3:30 PM – Rosary

6:30 PM – RCIA (GS)

7-7:30 PM – Cantors

Thurs.      6:30 PM – Bingo (H)

6:30 PM – Title I (L)

7:00 PM – R/E Comm.  (REO)

Sun.         9-10:15AM – K-6 R/E (School)

12 Noon – Pet Blessing

CDA Gob Sales at Prince Gallitzin

6-8:00 PM – HSYM (All) with 7:45PM Rosary

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Sept. 26th  thru  Oct. 2nd  – Lectors  

Weekdays – 8:00 AM – S. Hall

Sat:   5:00 PM – S. Friday, JL Baran, B. Lambert

Sun   8:00 AM –  J. Ieraci, M. Ruscio, C. Mertiff

10:30 AM  – K. Bauer, T. Terosky, N. Patton


Oct. 1/2  – Altar Servers.

Sat.    5:00 PM – M. Lewis & J. Lewis

Sun.   8:00 AM – M. Buck & S. Buck

10:30 AM –  B. Bauer & M. Bauer


Sept. 26th thru Oct. 2nd

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Weekdays  –  8:00 AM – S. Lewis

Sat.    5:00 PM – L. Morrison+, P. Baran, P. Lambert

Sun.    8:00 AM –C. Ruscio+, L. Grove, C. Igou

10:30 AM – J. Terosky+, G. Patton, T. Patton


Oct. 1/2 –  Music Ministry

Sat.     5:00 PM – Aye/Erin

Sun.    8:00 AM – Aye/Sarah

10:30 AM –Aye/Molly


Children’s LiturgySeptember 25th  – Mary Walker


September $ Counters: L.Stevens+, S. McNelis, M.Ronan


Church Cleaners – Sept. 25th  to Oct. 9th

  1. McNelis, J. Everhart, V. Frantz, L. Wertz, L. Schoch
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(In conjunction with the feast of St. Francis of Assisi) will take place next Sunday, October 2nd at 12 noon, behind the church.  All kinds of animals are welcome—with their owners, of course!  Please take necessary measures for your pets’ protection (ex. leashes and crates) and needs (ex. pooper scoopers).  Don’t have a pet?  Join us for the warm-hearted and prayerful celebration!

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