Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord March 25, 2018

“Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes
in the name of the Lord!”
Mark 11: 9


Did you know? Sister Karen’s Birthday is Saturday, March 24th and Father Jozef’s Birthday is Wednesday, March 28th. A box will be in the Gathering Space for cards and well wishes.


Pastor: Reverend Jozef Kovacik

Phone: (814) 684-1480 (Parish Office & Rectory)
Fax: (814) 684-7969

Parish Office Staff:
Administrative Assistant: Rose Long
Financial Administrator: Debbie Zakrzwski

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Pastoral Ministry: Sister Karen Duddy, C.C.W.
Cell: (814) 935-2934 Convent: (814) 684-3553
CCW Website:

Director of Religious Education: Gia Patton
Call (814) 682-9108 or email
Coordinator: Elementary & Middle School: Mark Raffetto
Phone: (814) 934-2936 Email:

Elementary Classes: (Grades K-6): Sunday mornings 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM (weekly during the school year)

Middle/High School: (Gr. 7-11): Sunday: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (twice a month during the school year)

RCIA: Susan Burkholder (814) 684-0352

Ministry to the Homebound: Paula Lambert (814) 932-0651
Pastoral Council – Jack Chambers (814) 632-3339
Finance Council – Dennis Rozick (814) 684-5511
School Council – Lawrence McKernan (814) 632-7767
Cemetery Committee – Michael Feller (814) 932-1788

Saint Matthew Catholic School
Principal: Mrs. Debbie St. Pierre
Principal’s email:
Phone: (814) 684-3510
School web-site:

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“Pilate again said to them, ‘Then what shall I do with the man whom you call the King of the Jews?’ And they cried out again, ‘Crucify him.’”
Mark 15: 12-13

Jesus told us “whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.” Every day we are presented opportunities to help someone. Every day we have the opportunity to see the face of Jesus in others and be the face of Jesus to others. Pray for the strength and courage to stand up for those in need of our help.
Saint Matthew

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Weekend Mass Schedule:
– Saturday at 5:00 PM
– Sunday at 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM
Weekday Mass Schedule:
– Monday through Friday – 8:00 AM
Holy Day of Obligation Mass Schedule:
– Vigil – 7:00 PM
– 9:00 AM & 7:00 PM

Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on Saturday from 4:00 PM till 4:30 PM or anytime upon request

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Mass Schedule & Intentions:

March 24 – April 1, 2018

Sat. 5:00 PM – Rosa Gurekovich – JR Gurekovich
Sun. 8:00 AM –For the People of the Parish – Pastor
10:30 AM –In honor of Sr. Karen’s and Fr. Jozef’s
Mon 8:00 AM – Vince Slovikovski, Sr. – Family
Tues. 8:00 AM – Pete Getz – Wife, Judy
Wed. 9:00 AM – Georgette Thompson – Leona & Fam.
Thurs. 7:00 PM – Jozef & Peter Kovacik – Friend
Fri. 3:00 PM – Good Friday Service
Sat. 8:30 PM – Easter Vigil – Candidates &
Sun 8:00 AM – For the People of the Parish – Pastor
10:30 AM – Easter Flower Intentions

If you would like to have a MASS celebrated for the deceased members of your family, or friends, or for special intentions, please stop by or call the parish office.

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Activities for the Week of March 26th

Mon. 11:00 AM – Diocesan Chrism Mass (Cathedral)
6:30 PM – Cantors
7:00 PM – Celebration Choir
Tues. 7:00 PM – Maintenance (PO)
7:00 PM – Scouts (H)
Wed. 9:00 AM – SMS Mass
3:30 PM – Rosary
Thurs. 7:00 PM – Lord’s Supper (oils, foot washing)
8-9:30 PM – Adoration
Friday 3:00 PM – Lord’s Passion
6:30 PM – Mercy Chaplet
7:00 PM – Stations of the Cross
Easter Vigil – 10:00 AM – Easter Baskets Blessing, Egg Hunt
Church Decoration
8:30 PM – Vigil w/RCIA
Easter Sunday – Masses at 8:00 AM and 10:30 AM

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Mar. 26h thru April 1st – Lectors
Weekdays – 8:00 AM – T. Jeffries
Holy Thursday–7:00PM- S. Burkholder, S. Friday, S Gavazzi
Good Friday – 3:00 PM – (R1)S. McNelis; (R2)B. Zakrzwski;
(GN)D. Zakrzwski; (GS)S. Zakrzwski; C – A. Brisbin
Easter Vigil – 8:30 PM – (R1)T. Jeffries; (R2)T. Jeffries;
(R3)S. Gavazzi; Epistle – S. Burkholder; C – B.Lambert
Easter Sunday – 8:00 AM – A. Lynn, A. Searer, S. McNelis
10:30 AM – D. Murray, A. Brisbin, S. Ccowher

Mar 29/30/31 – April 1 – Altar Servers
Holy Thursday (3/29) 7:00 PM – H. Walk, M. Weber
M. Beam, I. Gibbons
Good Friday (3/30) 3:00 PM – B. Daniels, M. Abernethy
Easter Vigil (3/31) 8:30 PM – L. McKernan, R. McKenan
A .Pownall, M. Pownall
Easter Sunday (4/1) – 8:00 AM – M. Buck. S. Buck
10:30 AM – M. Chappell, K. Chappell

Mar. 26th thru April 1st
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Weekdays – 8:00 AM – NO CUP
Holy Thursday – 7:00 PM – Hosts (Front) Fr. Jozef,
D. Castagnola Cups (Front) J. DiDomenico, C. Gurekovich,
D. Panasiti Hosts (Back) R. Long, J. Terosky
Cups (Back) C. Golden, K. Hoyne, T. Scordo
Good Friday – 3:00 PM – S. Burkholder+
Easter Vigil – 8:30 PM – P. Lambert+, C. Golden, J. Zeigler
Easter Sunday – 8:00 AM – J. DiDomenico+, R.Garbinsky,
C. Gurekovich
10:30 AM – T. Patton+, D. Castagnola,
J. Terosky

Mar. 29/30/31 and April 1 – Music Ministers
Holy Thursday – 7:00 PM – Aye/Choir
Good Friday – 3:00 PM – Tammy/Choir
Easter Vigil – 8:30 PM – Aye/Choir
Easter Sunday – 8:00 AM – Tammy/Sarah
10:30 AM – Aye/Choir

Children’s Liturgy – Mar.25th -Amber and Apr.1st – Nicole

March $ Counters – B. Lambert+, P. Lambert, J. Everhart

Church Cleaners – March 25th thru March 31st (1 week)
P. DelBaggio, S. Feller, M & J Storm, S. Loose

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Fast and Abstinence during Holy Week –

Canon 1250: All Fridays throughout the year and at the time of Lent are penitential days and times throughout the entire Church.
Canon 1251: Abstinence from eating meat or another food according to the prescriptions of the conference of bishops is to be observed on Fridays throughout the year unless they are solemnities; abstinence and fast are to be observed on Ash Wednesday and on the Friday of the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Canon 1252: All persons who have completed their 14th years are bound by the law of abstinence; all adults are bound by the law of fast up to the beginning of the 60th year.

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Restoration of the Chalice at Mass for the Faithful –

At the center of the Church’s annual liturgical calendar is the commemoration of the Lord’s death and resurrection during the Three Days. Lent will end late in the afternoon of Thursday, March 29. The Three Days will begin Holy Thursday evening, March 29, with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. As the Church enters the sacred Triduum, the offering of the chalice is to be restored in all the parishes of the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown. At the Mass of the Lord’s Supper all in the Diocesan Church will be welcomed to receive the Body and Blood of the Lord under the species of bread and wine. Consistently the Church has stated that the fullness of the sign of mass is seen in the reception of both the consecrated bread and the consecrated wine. This is what Jesus the Lord directed on the night before he died, to eat his Body and drink his Blood. All are invited to receive Holy Communion under the elements of both bread and wine Holy Thursday evening. Also, beginning at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, we will now return to the regular manner of exchanging the sign of peace.

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Reception of Holy Communion Reminders

When receiving the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ, please remember the following. Respectfully bow prior to receiving both the Host and the Cup. Respond “Amen” to the priest/Eucharist Minister’s Statements, “the Body of Christ,” and the Blood of Christ”. Clearly indicate your desire to receive the Host in your hand (raised, open) or on your tongue. Consume the Host immediately. When receiving the Blood of Christ, take the Cup gently from the Cup Minister and be sure it has been securely returned to him/her before turning to return to your pew. Avoid ”jerky” movements that may lead to a dropped Host or Spilled Cup.

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Stewardship Reflection – Palm Sunday (March 25)

Following Jesus is the work of a lifetime. At every step forward, one is challenged to go further in accepting God’s will. A good steward stays awake with Christ in solidarity to the sin and suffering in this world.

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